Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mount Moran

Mt. Moran from Heron Pond in Colter Bay.  Moran has long been my favorite of the Teton Range.


  1. absolutely stunning shot and editing. looks like you had a great trip.

  2. Lance-

    This is Karen's friend, Kristen. Just had to ask- are you doing anything professionally with your amazing photography skills? If not, you really should. You are an incredible photographer.

  3. Kirsten, your words are very kind and appreciated. I took the decision a few years into camera ownership to keep my photography as a hobby so that it never turned into work for me. I am always happy to help anybody out with pictures or give them copies of any of my prints if they like.

  4. Hi Lance

    Your photo of the underground waterfall from Clarksville Carverns in NY is fantastic- that spot is special for me. Any chance you would be willing to sell/trade the digital print so I can hang it on my wall?