Sunday, July 17, 2011

Nielson's Well Cave

Over the weekend I did a two-day backpacking trip to Nielson's Well Cave. The cave is about three miles in and the gear to execute the trip probably weighed upwards of 150 lbs. I went in with the intent to document the cave by way of photography. These are some of the results. My friend, Brandon (with the lovely yellow suit) is an excellent photgrapher (one of the foremost cave photographers in the west) and he has some pictures of the other parts of the cave that I will post her as soon as he gets them to me.

This is why it is wise to invest in a good case.


  1. So glad you got a chance to get away for a day or two. We'll do a bit of adventuring when you come... I have 3 backpacks for some reason. One for me, one for you, and one for Cami! Of course, Dani and Mason are totally invited, but Amelia is not. She is the slowest hiker ever. SHE.

    These photos are gorgeous! Looks like a grand adventure.


  2. Beautiful pics buddy. So glad you got to take the trip.

  3. The picture of you facing away from the camera in the Big Room is one of the most incredible cave pictures i have ever seen. It deserves an award. I feel like I have looked at a fair amount of cave pictures, and i have never seen a picture like this. Its a great subject to start with, and of all the pictures of the Big Room, this one best portrays the enormous void of earth, that it is.