Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Nice Weave

You guys did good on the first one. Let's see how you do on one that is a bit harder.

Karen is on the right track, but is still a little off. Here's another hint:

Laura nailed this one right on the head (I would have given credit to D.A.D. too, but I happen to know that he only got the answer after I had told him that Laura got it right). Here is what the earbud looks like zoomed out a little.


  1. Um, I actually really love this one. Is it the top of a microphone?

  2. DADickey: It is a flock of birds flying in formation with the wings becoming the tail of the bird next to it. And they are flyng above the tall buidling in the second picture. What did I win?

  3. An ear bud? Another hint, please...

  4. Oh, man... Tim got that one, too. I totally stole his answer and pretended it was mine.